The Foundation Documentary

A short documentary about Copper Barrel Distillery that introduces the two men behind this exciting new venture in downtown North Wilkesboro.

George Smith (President & CEO) & Master Distiller Buck Nance take us back in time and share a bit of history about moonshining in Wilkes County, North Carolina and show us what they’re doing today that sets them apart from the others out there making the move into the legal moonshine business.

One thought on “The Foundation Documentary

  1. I love your product. Truly best ever tasted. Waiting for peach one :).
    I admire George and Buck. Great dedicated nice and very smart gifted people. Now that you serve some very good and reasonable priced food too, I’ll be there a lot.
    Knien george whole time he’s been here in Wilkes. He’s done such a great job. Thanks guys fir being here.

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