A Brief History of Craft Distilling in North Carolina

Americans are outlaws by nature, a people who do not like to be ruled. When the British overtaxed our tea, we threw it in the harbor.

When they subsequently denied our Declaration of Independence, we took up arms and stood our ground. We believe that there are rights worth defending, those that support unalienable access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the interest of liberty and happiness, the spirit of America compelled North Carolina’s moonshine distillers to provide the people with well-crafted distilled spirits. Their legacy is alive throughout the hills and hollers in NC.  

Craft distilling in North Carolina has experienced a resurgence in recent years. Like the rise of local, craft beer, wine, and coffee, many moonshine and other distilleries have opened from the mountains to the coast. The legends and legacies connected to this craft are too many to number, but it is safe to say they helped shape and change our world. For North Carolina Craft Distilling Month, this is a brief history of craft distilling in North Carolina.  

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