Our Spirits

Our 100% true shine is made from a blend of rye, corn and cane sugar using the unique process and still design perfected by Master Distiller Buck Nance. Each fruit flavored moonshine is a handcrafted blend of Wilkes County’s finest 96 proof White Lightning and locally sourced fruits. You’ll be amazed at how mellow these moonshines taste. Enjoy them straight up, on the rocks or let your creativity run wild and use them in your favorite.

Artisan Distilled Spirits

Most commercially available moonshines are made from neutral grain spirits (NGS); a type of highly concentrated ethanol purified through repeated distillation to exceed 190-proof (aka Vodka). Our moonshines have a much more complex and appealing flavor profile because they are distilled at less than 150-proof using the same type of equipment and process that have made Wilkes County spirits infamous.

Copper Barrel received over a dozen medals in their first year; including 1 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze international awards. We believe it’s because the experts taste the true spirit of Wilkes County in every bottle. We invite you to grab yourself a taste of genuine and be the judge.